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Being the leader of a Go Meet Grow networking chapter is an excellent way to showcase yourself as a leader in your field and spotlight your business.  You have the unique opportunity to build a chapter with the people who you already know and trust from your networking circles.  You are the person who sets the tone for your chapter and opens the door to those in your area to strengthen and empower their businesses, which is a huge benefit to any local economy.  Anyone can start a Go Meet Grow networking chapter, but not just anyone is up for the challenges and rewards it entails!

The benefits don’t stop there!

Where we differ from other networking groups is that we appreciate our leaders so much that we reward you for your time and effort. As a leader, you will earn 25% of the membership dues of every member in the group for as long as you lead the group.

  • Monthly memberships begin paying in the 2nd month.
  • Yearly memberships begin paying after 45 days (after any refund opportunities expire), and are paid in 12 monthly installments. This ensures that the leaders are committed to their chapter for a year.

Commissions are only paid to active leaders.

Depending on the how large you grow your chapter AND the membership level each person signs up for, it can be a very nice addition to your other monthly income.

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